For my nana on what would have been her 95th birthday....

One more cup of coffee

I know it has been forever since I have posted and I apologize. The original intent of this blog was to keep my children informed about the week's schedule. When I was working on my Master's and Doctorate, they wouldn't remember when I was traveling to campus. Sometimes I would tell one or two them and forget to tell the other, which often led to "You don't love me enough to tell me what you are doing???" hence, this blog. Since then, I have graduated and my children have moved off to the far sides of the universe. There did not seem to be much point in this medium any longer.

However, I think this may be a good way to still keep in contact with my family, even if they don't much read this any more!

Recently, I visited the great city of Chicago for training on Apple's iPad2 and MacBook. The university sent us for this training because the focus was on adaptive technologies for individuals with special needs. It was a wonderful training opportunity, with the additional benefit of an extended visit with my daughter, Mercedes. We had a wonderful time, but as I was preparing to leave, I kept thinking of my visits with Nana. As a child, my grandmother moved away to the exotic location of York, Pennsylvania. It was a 6 hour drive from our house in Rochester, N.Y. so we were only able to visit once or twice a year. Quite vividly, I remember the endings of those vacations more than any other memory. As we were getting ready to leave, Nana would always ask, "Are you sure you don't want one more cup of coffee, Joanie?" It was her way of holding us close for just a little longer.

Eight years have gone by since she passed away, and two years ago, my mother joined her. I do hope they are sharing one more cup of coffee together....


D.C. in the Spring

Last week I went to Washington, D.C. for a conference about how to procure grants and monies for research. One constant message rang throughout, maybe there will be money for education, maybe not. Today the Senate agreed to extend funding for the federal government for two more weeks. Until then, more waiting and worrying.
D.C. is an interesting place. It's a very young city, and many of those young people are pretty and very well off financially. Across from our hotel was a large park where untold numbers of homeless were making their little campsites. Most of the time, the weather was frigid and rainy, not a time to be living outdoors. This dire poverty in the midst of extreme wealth and power was quite a startling dichotomy. Surrounded by classic architecture, gorgeous museums, and fine restaurants where I could only afford to eat once a day, was located a mere two blocks from the White House. A certain sad perspective in walking down the streets where our nation's founding fathers once walked and seeing desperation so close at hand.

On a much brighter note, the World War II memorial is almost finished and it's quite stunning. Makes a lovely compliment to the Korean Memorial, and the Vietnam Wall. Also, the Cherry Trees were beginning to bud! Always hope...

Phil! WTH????

What I learned in driver's ed Upstate New york edition....SLOW DOWN!

I am second guessing Punxatawny Phil because Wichita has been slammed once again. This is actually worse than the last snow storm, exactly one week ago today!

Oh the weather outside is frightful.....

...but the kitties are warm! Yes, that is a heating pad that LeeLoo is laying on too! Wichita has had almost 7 inches of snow, which is nothing compared to what I hear Rick got at the house in Oklahoma, or better yet, what Katie is going to get in Chicago! The only child of mine sitting pretty is Beth. She said it's going to be in the 70's tomorrow. Too bad the airport is closed here or I would be on my way SOUTH!!!!

The LeeLoo workout

I guess I am a little slow getting into the New Year and my fitness goals! going to the doctor yesterday and finding out I weigh more than I ever have in my life, was an eye opener. Really sad for a person who has always believed in fitness and good nutrition. Heck, Jack LaLanne raised me! So enough of the excuse after excuse (again) and my new commitment to fitness. The best thing, I have a workout partner. LeeLoo thinks that the Biggest Loser workout video is awesome!
Hope you are all well.

Jamacian me crazy

With all of the snow, ice, and Arctic temperatures in Wichita, I was reminiscing about the tropics. The closest I could actually come to that fantasy was to change the template on my blog. Complaint is not appropriate, as The Huffington Post states that there is snow on the ground in 49 states with the lone exception....FLORIDA! Even Hawaii has snow.
Hope you are all staying warm and safe.

Hold on now....

I seem to remember moving out of New York in 1979, during a raging snow blizzard. I kept driving on even though the State police had closed the roads. Now, thirty some-odd years later, I still have to pounce down snowy stairs and shovel out my car!
It is pretty though, I just wish I didn't have to drive 7 miles to the university. I can hear lots of cars spinning their wheels.

Time keeps on ticking

Hello! I have not been online too much because I have been enjoying the time with my family. I actually was able to get a nice picture of all of us together. Seated on the couch, from left to right is Mike, my son-in-law, Rick, husband, and A.J. my son. Standing from left to right is Mary Beth, me, Amber and then Katie. I should have checked the glare on the pictures, but it's alright. Amber is back in New Mexico, Beth and Mike will leave for North Carolina tomorrow morning and Katie will fly back to Chicago tomorrow afternoon. Empty nest again! I will head back to Wichita on Sunday. It was been a special treasure not to have to worry about deadlines, preparing for class, writing papers, or transcribing research for a while. Happy New Years' to you all.